The talent management and career cycle

All businesses today are people businesses – finding and nurturing talent, building capability in those areas that are vital to your business,   reviewing and understanding your leadership benchstrength, creating an environment where people are engaged, flourish and contribute to their best, is always in our experience, ‘front of mind’ for successful CEOs and top teams.

We assist organisations to build robust systems and processes for talent management that reflects your strategy, values, resources and business context . We work in partnership with leaders and the people function at each stage in the talent management and career cycle.  Our services include:

Design of whole of organization systems for talent identification and management – not all organisations are the same or at the same point in their evolution. We draw on research and our experience to partner with you in the development of a talent model and systems that reflect what will work in your environment. If you don’t need ‘state of the art’, we can help you build a practical, sound but scalable approach.

Coaching groups of leaders in your talent pipeline – we have a depth of experience in designing coaching programs for groups of leaders that face similar challenges and have common learning goals. We have found a cycle of 360 assessment, feedback, brief coaching and facilitation of a developmental discussion between the participant and their line manager or sponsor to be a particularly powerful way to focus and create learning momentum. While large scale coaching programs are typically delivered by our affiliated coaches, in some organisations we have also trained and developed internal coaches to deliver the programs.

Leadership Development Programs – we typically design programs with a ‘blended’ learning strategy, which combines experiential workshops targeted to identified group learning needs,  ‘on the job’ activities, assessment and individual or team coaching, as well as advising you on ‘matching’ existing leaders to critical assignments and roles.

Coach training and evaluation – we work with appropriately skilled professionals in your organization (typically from the learning or HR areas) to develop their skills as internal coaches, as well as providing ongoing development and coach supervision.  Because of our broad experience with managing coaches and national / international coaching programs, we also provide  ‘on line’ evaluation of coaches, as well as coaching program effectiveness to ensure focus and ROI.

Mentor Programs – we increasingly see the contribution that internal mentors can make in developing leaders and building a learning culture.   It provides a two way benefit – young leaders gain immense skill development, organizational ‘nous’ and confidence from these relationships and mentors welcome the opportunity to give back and leave a legacy.  We can assist you to design the program and process, train the mentors and mentees and continue to support the take up and maturation of your mentoring culture.

Licensing of internal coaches and consultants in psychometric assessment tools – we provide accreditation services on behalf of Management Research Group (MRG) for the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 (LEA 360), Personal Directions and Sales Performance Assessment (SPA)

Design and delivery of career insight and transition programs – people’s careers are core to their wellbeing. Organisations that partner with their people to support their careers attract talented staff.  We have designed and delivered coaching based career insight and transition programs to a range of age groups, across a number of the most significant professional services firms in the Australian and international marketplace. An important and highly successful component of our career insight program is an interview process we developed (the “Flow” Dialogue) that taps into  people’s formative experiences, the scope and complexity of work they enjoy, their motivations and hopes for the future.