Leadership and executive team performance

How strong is your ‘leadership’ brand?

  • Is it clear and aligned with your organization’s vision?
  • Does your brand have the reputation in the market that you want it to have?
  • As leaders do you model the values and culture you want to create?
  • Does your Brand authentically represents who you are and what you can be?


We equip leaders with the information, insight and opportunity to improve their performance and impact. Our depth of experience in assessment and coaching delivers real value to organisations that want to actively understand and manage their leadership potential and benchstrength for key roles and succession management. Our role is to enable rather than impose, so our approaches are always linked to your context and current requirements. Our services include:

Coaching leaders at the CEO and executive levels – we help leaders to ask the questions they might not ask themselves, transition to new roles, address the diversity and complexity of today’s business world, manage their careers and deal with stress and work/life balance issues in a more deliberate and systematic way.

Advice to CEO and Executive Teams about leadership bench-strength – we advise and facilitate executive team dialogue about the best way to build your talent pipeline and continue to develop the leaders who are critical to your business. (See also Talent Management and Career Cycle)

Leadership transition and succession management – we facilitate the dialogue that occurs at senior levels in organisations when change in key leaders is on the horizon. While assessment for succession and the design of fair, comprehensive systems is the foundation for succession management, it is the dialogue among leaders, their values, decisions and management of change that ensures an effective transition.

Coaching Executive Teams – we work with senior teams and Boards to engage groups in self discovery and ultimately self management of their performance and the team dynamics.  We use business based, team assessment tools as part of our group coaching process to rapidly achieve purpose, trust, good communication and cohesion. This service can be particularly relevant where there is fragmentation in the executive team, where the team and Board need to proactively invest in their working relationship or in alliances, when it is important to quickly build workable trust and clear roles.

Assessment of leadership potential – we tailor and personalize our approach, drawing on rigourous psychometric, behavioural and interview techniques, as well as our extensive experience as psychologists. Based on research and our experience, our talent model and assessment process delivers insights about leadership potential, style, impact, decision making and judgment, motivation, resilience, career aspirations and adaptability. We are also able to provide you with easy to understand snapshots of participants in an assessment program, as well as group level data and trends.(See also Talent Management and Career Cycle)