Individual and organisational resilience

Stress and Performance
High achievers love stress. It helps them focus and perform. But do you know when your stress levels become unproductive? Are you able to identify the behavioural, emotional and physical signals that should tell you to pull back?

As organizational psychologists we bring a systemic and ecological approach to the way we work with you. To create an organization in which people are engaged, flourish and perform to their best, requires a deep understanding and connection between strategy, systems, culture and the individual.

We help you create shared vision, confidence, optimism and the resilience to deal with uncertainty.  We also get down to the detail, the development and implementation of practical strategies for organizational effectiveness and cohesion, including role and work design, shared values interventions, and programs to enable healthy, open dialogue across the organization. Our services include:

Strategic Planning – we design and facilitate strategic planning and other events, including focus groups and community consultations.

Organisational reviews of structure, programs, work design and effectiveness – while our approach is always to look ahead at how change can be implemented and embedded, the starting point is often to interview people, analyse systemic and context factors, review the hard data, evaluate effectiveness and provide options for structural, program or work re-design.

Organization development, change and culture building initiatives – change management is not a ‘black box’.  There are core principles related to the needs of people that we have discovered are not always considered when change is implemented. We believe in a pragmatic approach that addresses the basics  - people’s need for authentic and transparent leadership, information, clarity of roles and expectations, development to acquire new skills, discussion and time to get used to new arrangements.

Consulting interventions to break down the silos and improve inter group engagement and effective matrix management – every assignment is different but the starting point is always the same, dialogue and exploration of assumptions, perceptions, expectations and relationships.

Our ‘Healthy Conversations’ and Manager as Coach Programs – we have designed and implemented programs across a number of organisations to improve performance dialogue, communication, and conflict management skills. Rather than focus on difficult or critical conversations, we prefer to inoculate participants against misunderstanding and conflict by equipping them with the skills that prevent relationships and interactions becoming toxic.

We do however, have experience and a positive track record of resolving workplace conflicts, both at the interpersonal and group levels

Stress management and wellbeing – the heart of confidence, effectiveness and resilience is how we manage stress. High achievers use stress to focus and drive their performance but are often unable to identify when stress is outside manageable limits. The most profound training that we can offer in stress management is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), backed by 25 years of research and practice. But we can also tailor mindfulness and other evidence based interventions, such as ACT to fit your context.