What Clients say

"The Leader Factor has been instrumental in the growth and change  of my company from a small business to a multi-dimensional and sustainable enterprise.

Over five years, Liz has guided me as CEO, through the difficult transitions of a fast growing organization and given me the confidence to meet the ambiguity and uncertainty of future situations. She has always been there at the right time with the right advice and I have grown to trust her implicitly. She is a confidant and I am deeply grateful for her genuine interest in us and our business.

Importantly, Liz has helped build our leadership team, it's resilience and our understanding of individuals capabilities, talents and motivations. This is giving me great confidence in our future and ongoing success."
Peter Devine, CEO, Manidis Roberts

"One of the key benefits of the way you worked with our executive and senior leadership teams is your ability to hold  a mirror to individuals and groups. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable for people and they draw back and disengage. Your approach however was quite non-threatening and non-judgmental...more geared towards getting people (and groups) to increase their own self awareness,without being lectured to by a consultant"
CEO of a successful investment and funds management organisation

“Liz consistently offers our organisation an invaluable range of services as adviser, designer, executive coach and mentor. She brings current research and evidence to support her work and provides subject matter expertise that complements our goals and culture. Liz’s collaborative approach ensures we build solutions that have impact in our organisation. She demonstrates integrity and generously shares insights as a genuine business partner.”
Libby Bell, Global Talent Manager, SKM

"Somehow you just pinpointed and clarified the issues in such a way that it enabled me to shift and as a result, this morning, to shift my coachee"
Catriona Rogers, Managing Director, Re-Authoring Lives

"I've had the benefit of working with Liz in a number of contexts, and each has added tremendous value to me personally, to the Partners I lead and to the firm more broadly.

In a personal coaching capacity, Liz helped me (and the Firm  leadership) to more deeply understand my motivators, aspirations and capabilities.  This has underpinned my ongoing career planning and progression within the firm, allowing me to thrive and grow in roles well suited to my talents and motivations.  Similarly, Liz has worked with many of the Partners I now lead to help them (and me) better understand their motivators, aspirations and capabilities.  This has enabled us to more purposefully and strategically deploy our talent, providing our Partners with opportunities and roles that are well aligned with their talents and motivations.

More recently Liz has begun working with our first and second year Partners in Melbourne as part of a Personal Branding Program.  In this context, she is helping our younger Partners lay the foundations to a deeper understanding of their market-facing potential and value proposition, and translating this into highly bespoke development and investment plans for each of these Partners, built on the three pillars of experiential learning, formal learning and ongoing mentoring.  Liz has become a highly valued member of our extended team!"
Annette Kimmitt, Managing Partner, EY Melbourne

"From my perspective, Liz provides:
Time out to reflect on practice, purpose and direction.
Time to try out and sound out new approaches.
Time to focus on areas where I am 'stuck'.
Time to be heard and challenged.
Time to review the leadership evidence base, consider and synthesize.
Time to recognise the strengths in my executive team and what my role is in assisting them to develop.
Time that I would not otherwise savour to look after myself as a leader in the development of my career, the development of my team and the development of the organisation that I lead."
General Manager of a major Health Service

The year I was lucky enough to be coached by Liz was explosive for both my personal and professional development. The process she has developed, combined with her business experience, experience as a coach, psych training and deep intuitive understanding of human nature enabled me to affirm and build my confidence whilst also building self awareness and giving me actionable tools to enable me to progress.  It was an exciting and invigorating experience.  

My business and my team have seen a visible enrichment in my leadership style and I have undergone a wonderful renaissance.  Liz opened up my world and while I am more self aware, I am also more confident to reach ever higher, take on new challenges and have the hunger to be the best leader that I can be.  I know I will need her experience, skills, integrity, wisdom and counsel to reach my goals and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to work together again in the future.  
Catherine Pemberton, Corporate Affairs Director, Pacific Region, the Wrigley Company

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