About Us

The world we work in is full of distractions and events that pull leaders and organizations in many directions. We help leaders to step outside the ‘white noise’, detach from what is not important and be strategic about how they use their talent and their time.  We help leaders to hone their vision and priorities so that they can provide the direction, clarity of expectations and culture that enables performance at all levels.

As business psychologists and experienced consultants we bring evidence based strategies to our work with individuals and teams, backed by a depth of experience and pragmatism that comes from having worked as executives, grappling day to day with organizational and business realities.

We believe work and relationships are central to people’s wellbeing and identity. So we treat ‘work’ and teams, at all levels, with the respect and care they deserve. Just as water cannot be made to run uphill, people cannot perform in roles which do not match their motivations, talents and aspirations. We help organizations identify the subtle interplay between individual motivations, aspirations and organizational requirements – in a nutshell, matching the right people to the right roles.

There is science to the journey of growing leaders, building teams and creating sustainable performance. But there is also art and imagination - the creative process, personal insight and growth, good judgment, confidence, resilience, the character and personal mastery to inspire others.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with your organization, its key leaders and executive teams on assignments that address today’s challenges, but keep your strategy and future vision in the mind’s eye.

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